WEBINAIRE AXA XL : "Can dads have it all?"

03 Mars 2020
WEBINAIRE AXA XL : "Can dads have it all?"
Webinaire sur "Can dads have it all?" animé par Patrice BONFY

Everything changes when you become a parent" they say. But stereotypes associated with parenthoods seem to change slower than actual parenting behaviors.
The 2020 "caring mom" may also have a career to care about. The 2020 "working dad" probably wishes he could spend more time with his baby and family. Do their colleagues and managers acknowledge these peculiar needs? Do they feel supported? Or torn apart?
Whether you are a (future) parent or not, young or not, it is useful to take a moment to reflect upon the aspirations, expectations and challenges of the new generation of fathers and parents.
In this webinar, Patrice will look back on the personal experiences that led him to explore the social and business impacts of parenting evolutions. He will present studies, experts and ideas that enable us to better understand this new generation of fathers and parents. And he will lead a discussion on how new parents can have it all, and why it's a good thing for their employer and colleagues.
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